On Thursday night September 20th the Historical Society’s Searchlight Party will go on, even though our guest of honor – our 114 year old searchlight – will not be making an appearance.  A death in operator Bill Kaufman’s family and a just discovered problem with the City Hall roof over the searchlight have combined to keep the searchlight under cover.

We will have the Party on Thursday night as planned and Channel 9’s Jim Kirchherr will show the searchlight story that aired on “Living St. Louis.”  We will not be selling or taking tickets for this abbreviated evening. If you’ve already purchased your ticket, we’re happy to offer a refund.  Or if you’d like to save your ticket you’ll be able to use it at the rescheduled searchlight party later in the fall or maybe early spring.

Our thoughts go out to the Kaufman family. And we look forward to having Bill back here with us for our rescheduled event.  We’ll keep you posted when we have set a date."

It's your story...

        It's my story...

                 It's history.

From our incorporation in 1906 by extraordinary businessman, city founder and planner Edward Gardner Lewis, to ‘The Loop’, one of St. Louis’ favorite entertainment and shopping spots, our society is dedicated to preserving our history, and holding events and creating publications that highlight the history that made us what we are today. We also have books, booklets, and other items for sale.

The Historical Society of University City studies and collects materials and

presents programs on the history of U. City.

Whether you are a new University City resident, a ‘lifer’, or just an interested St. Louisan, you would have to search far and wide to find a community with a richer history.