Statement on Delmar Harvard Plan

The Board of the Historical Society has voted to take the following position on the plan currently proposed by Virtual Reality Enterprises for the Delmar Harvard buildings and property within the Historic Civic Plaza:

The current plan does not meet Zoning Ordinance Historic District Standards set by the Civic Plaza Master Plan. It fails to preserve designated historic structures, and proposes structures with size, siting, mass and density not compatible with above plans, as stated in Section 34-82-2 of said plan.

Wherefore we strongly urge citizens, City Commissioners and Council Members to refuse to rezone the property for this project.

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From our incorporation in 1906 by extraordinary businessman, city founder and planner Edward Gardner Lewis, to ‘The Loop’, one of St. Louis’ favorite entertainment and shopping spots, our society is dedicated to preserving our history, and holding events and creating publications that highlight the history that made us what we are today. We also have books, booklets, and other items for sale.

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