Membership Levels

  $20 - Senior Member (over 65)

  $30 - Individual Member

  $40 - Family Members

  $75 - Patron 

  $125 - Business Member

*Patron and Business Members receive a discount on events and purchases.


Looking to Donate?

We make it easy if you are wanting to make a donation to help us continue our mission or to honor someone close to you.

Whether you are a new University City Resident, a “lifer,” or just an interested St. Louisan, you would have to search far and wide to find a community with a richer history. Our purpose: to collect and preserve our history; and to share our history with the community.

The Historical Society presents three programs during the year in addition to our annual meeting and program each fall. Illuminations, the Society’s newsletter, is published quarterly.  Our Century Home Program is available for owners of historic homes and buildings.

Legacy of Lions, our comprehensive history of the City as well as a series of booklets about some of University City’s neighborhoods have been published by the Society. These publications along with gift items are available for sale at the U. City Library. 

Our Society's funds come mainly from YOU.  We do have income from the sale of books and other items, but your membership is crucial.  Beyond membership, donations are welcome.  If you wish to honor someone-birthday, anniversary.... or to remember someone, we will mention your gift in our newsletter.

It's easy to join. Just send your check with name and address, including email address, to:

University City Public Library
6701 Delmar Blvd.
University City MO 63130